Saturday, July 08, 2006

Friday (OK, early Saturday) Random Ten

  • Collin Raye, "A Bible and a Bus Ticket Home"
  • Tim McGraw, "Drugs or Jesus". A weird, emotional song. Tim McGraw sings it like it's just a religious song... but it compares Christians to drug addicts! I'm honestly surprised it got much play on mainstream country radio.
  • John Voorhees, "A Sad Man". Spare melody, poetic lyrics. Good stuff.
  • Collin Raye, "One Desire"
  • Jo Dee Messina, "You're Not In Kansas Anymore". As an Angeleno, I really like this one.
  • Leslie Fish, "Grandma Went Out with a Bang". Grandma the radical and her plutonium-powered pacemaker...
  • Rainbow Warriors, "Rainbow Warriors". Based on a Hopi prophecy, although I don't know how authentic it is. A bit preachy but otherwise good.
  • Dar Williams, "When I was a Boy". How do we get stuck in narrow gender roles?
  • the Wilkinsons, "26 Cents". Rather similar to today's first song.
  • Paul Metsa, "Jack Ruby". A biographical story song.

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