Friday, July 28, 2006

Friday Random 10

  • Cheryl Cloud and Common Ground, "In a World Gone Mad". Incredibly appropriate today.
  • Echo's Children, "Bold Adventurer". Fun twist at the end!
  • Bruce Cockburn, "Pacing the Cage". Melancholy and thoughtful.
  • Johnny Cash, "Get Rhythm". A nice change of pace after "Pacing the Cage".
  • Animaniacs, "I'm Mad"
  • Wishing Chair, "Keep Me Simple". A celebration of nature and simplicity.
  • Lee Ann Womack, "Make Memories with Me"
  • Collin Raye, "Twenty Years and Change". This song about maturation is one of Collin's best. I don't agree with everything it says, though. You don't have to lose your idealism!
  • Jackson Browne, "Farther On". A meandering lyric.
  • Gaia Consort, "Illumination"

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