Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Tangled Bank #58

The new Tangled Bank is up at Salto sobrius. Check it out! I particularly like Daniel Collins' short but sweet post about erosion, carnivores and Aldo Leopold. Also, I want to welcome everybody visiting Perceiving Wholes for the first time. Please leave a comment and tell me what you think!


Anonymous said...


I am visiting for the first time, recommended through Future Geek ... and although I like it, I may not be back (limited time) ... but I have already forwarded your web-dress to two friends who might stick with you (one is a space-freak and one loves Dar and Animaniacs).

Good show :). You write well and think well--but then I might be prejudiced, as I also prefer to see the absolute interconnectedness of everything.

Jane Shevtsov said...

Thanks, anonymous! I look forward to hearing from your friends and hope you'll be back.