Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday Random Ten

An unusual amount of very good stuff came up today. I guess it's my lucky music day!
  • Bruce Cockburn, "All the Diamonds in the World". Cockburn's usual lyrical imagery, spirituality and perfect guitar. Good stuff!
  • Kathy Mar, "Flowering Green". A fairy tale for the modern world.
  • Kathy Mar, "Everybody's Moon". Thoughful but light folky song.
  • Jackson Browne, "For Everyman". Life will be good for all of us or none of us.
  • Echo's Children, "O, Sumer!". An allegory describing the sacking of ancient Sumer.
  • Jackson Browne, "Tender is the Night". Searching for that right person.
  • Julia Ecklar, "Burnish Me Bright". The story of a mute child who learns to communicate through mime.
  • Gaia Consort, "Moon in Your Teeth". Spare and mystical.
  • Collin Raye, "It Could Be That Easy"
  • Peter, Paul and Mary, "The Times They are a' Changin'". Wrong generation? Maybe not...

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