Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday Random Ten

  • Emerald Rose, "Penny in the Well". A warm song about searching for fulfillment.
  • Tim McGraw, "Tiny Dancer". I like this version of the song.
  • Alabama, "Fiddle in the Band". Can you listen to this and not tap your toes?
  • John Denver, "Islands"
  • Jackson Browne, "Running on Empty". A very LA song about growing up.
  • Bruce Cockburn, "All the Diamonds in the World". Gentle and lyrical.
  • Vladimir Vysotsky, "Vyet Eto Nashi Gory (These are Our Mountains)". Russian song that tells of a WWII battle in which Soviet alpine fighters faced German soldiers they themselves had trained. Has anybody tried to translate Vysotsky into English?
  • John Denver, "Rhymes and Reasons". The first John Denver song I ever heard and still one of my favorites. Hopeful and comforting.
  • Trisha Yearwood, "Real Live Woman". An honest, solid song that matches Yearwood's style perfectly.
  • The Highwaymen, "Against the Wind". Good song, but I like Bob Seger's version better.

Now I'm off to the Smokies!

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Future Geek said...

I used to play in the Smokies quite a bit. I envy you.