Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday Random 10

  • Stephen Longfellow Fiske, "Eagle Fly"
  • Johnny Cash, "Guess Things Happen That Way"
  • Dar Williams, "Bought and Sold". Takes on Wal-Mart and weapons manufacturers in the same song.
  • Collin Raye, "I Know That's Right". If this song doesn't make you feel good, nothing short of drugs will!
  • Mariah Carey, "Hero"
  • Julia Ecklar, "Ladyhawke!". Ever heard of filk? Nice example -- a fantasy song.
  • Leslie Fish, "Sequoia sempervirens". Yes, it's a song about a tree and yes, I'm enough of a nerd to properly format the Latin name.
  • Julia Ecklar, "Survivor's Song". The thoughts of a nuclear war survivor. Powerful!
  • John Lennon, "Imagine". A perfect contrast with the previous song.
  • Gaia Consort, "Evolve" (live version). I blogged about this one. You can hear it here.

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