Wednesday, June 21, 2006

No Cats were Harmed in the Making of This Website...

But you should check it out anyway! I refer to Cat Flinging: An Illustrated History of Catflinging in Europe and North America, the first scholarly work on this much under-appreciated sport. An excerpt:
The cat is much like the bagpipe in that there are few people who are entirely indifferent toward either. (The similarity does not end there, however, a fact that will be documented hereinafter.) For the sake of illustration, let us assume it possible to create a list objects in the environment ordered according to their ability to engender collective indifference in the human observer. At the top of our indifference index one would probably find such things as tofu and Ed Sullivan, objects with the capacity to engender violent indifference. The cat and the bagpipe, however, would have their place at the bottom, somewhere in the vicinity of Monte Python and chewing tobacco. It is perhaps largely the cat's low indifference index that best explains the controversy surrounding the art of cat flinging.

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